Critical Environments

Auto Flow® Critical Environments Solutions are complete systems designed for fume hood, laboratory, and cleanroom environments. And all follow the American Auto-Matrix tradition of offering unprecedented flexibility and durability.

By expanding leading-edge GPC technology into the critical environments market with the NB-GPCFHC™, AAM has enabled configuration of fume hoods to utilize either face velocity or sash position methods through a single Native BACnet® controller. It is the only solution of its kind in the industry.

Installations can connect seamlessly to any American Auto-Matrix HVAC control system as well as any Native BACnet® compliant system through patented technologies and other methodologies when combined with Native BACnet® control. This is achieved by providing a solution that not only communicates in a widely accepted open protocol but offers a level of flexibility in which multiple familiar and proven methodologies are available. In addition, through the advanced technologies that they provide, ergonomic functionality will be increased.