BACnet® Unitary Controllers

American Auto-Matrix has over 31 of their Native BACnet® products now carrying the distinguished BTL mark. Having the BTL mark indicates that their products have passed a series of tests conducted by the BACnet® Testing Laboratory and confirms that their controllers implement all the BACnet features stated in the listing.

American Auto-Matrix Unitary Controllers can operate stand-alone or networked together to form a complete system. From small stand-alone buildings to multiple-building networks, the AAM system offers the same level of durability, functionality, and flexibility wherever they are found.

The GPC Product Family takes advantage of the STATbus™ technology, a two-wire, polarity insensitive sensor networking protocol that can significantly reduce the installed cost of I/O intensive systems. The STATbus™ technology and the design of the GPC allow for rapid configurations, resulting in easier, more efficient engineering, installation, and commissioning.

The ASC(e)/VAV/V3T Product Family is based on a common hardware platform that is dedicated to application-specific controllers able to be employed in generic and light-duty custom control applications using one of three modes (Rooftop, Heatpump, and Fancoil). The VAV controller is a variable air volume controller that is designed to function in numerous scenarios that require variable air volume (VAV), constant air volume (CAV), and CO2 measurement while providing flexible mounting solutions to increase ease of installation.

Use AMM Unitary Controllers when you need:

  • Reduced installation time and cost
  • Standalone or networked operation
  • Superior local control performance at lower operating costs
  • Reliable, high-speed communications over twisted-pair wire
  • Easy configuration and firmware updates
  • User-defined custom programming
  • Battery-backed real-time clock and memory
  • Self-diagnostic circuits and LED indicators for power, I/O, network, processor, troubleshooting and HAO indication
  • Up to 24 Binary/Analog Value objects per controller