Meet our Senior team

We strongly believe in building a team of people that can execute on the company vision. Our employee longevity, education and experience differentiate Brandon from its competitors.

Our senior team has average longevity with Brandon of 14+ years. A statistic we are very proud to communicate. The folks below represent a portion of Brandon’s overall team.

Our senior team acknowledges and thanks to the many members of our team, not listed herein: consisting of engineers, programmers, technologists and technicians are the back-bone of our organization.

Richard Hemley

Founder ME,EE, DSCEE

Seth Hemley

President, EE, MSE

Susan Hemley

Chief Financial Officer

Bob Rice

VP Client Services

Russ Bransfield

VP Field Operations

Melissa Perry

Chief Operating Officer

Bill Slovin

VP Development

Jimmy Shek

VP Engineering

Thomas John

VP Global Delivery

Dennis Rosen

Chief Technology Officer

Janet Blagg

Director of Program

Jason Gajowski

Senior Operations Manager

John Grabiec

Director of Cloud Architecture

Joseph King

Director Consulting Practice Management

PJ McAteer

Senior Director – Operations and Planning

Cynthia Atherton Esq

Corporate Counsel

Susan Gittens

Purchasing and Capital Planning