Building Asset and Energy Data Analytics

Building automation systems can generate tens of thousands of data points. Without proper data management, such large volumes of data can be unmanageable. Data solutions from Brandon Controls categorize, analyze, and present data in formats that can be customized to different job functions within the organization.

With building asset and energy data analytics, your firm will reap many benefits, including:

  • Energy management – illuminating energy patterns and consumption makes it simple to identify and quantify waste, like unnecessary night-time or weekend energy consumption. It also allows for accurate projections of future energy use and efficiency.
  • Real-time data – in many industries, information is needed immediately. With our data analytics, trends and charts are made available as soon as the information is logged.
  • Data models – our solutions provide charts and personalized statistics that highlight clients’ energy trends and usage. Data intervals can be adjusted from seconds to minutes to hours, giving customers the ability to view their data from any resolution they need.