(1975 – 1978) Brandon Sales Corp

expanded its focus into Automatic Temperature Controls and Energy Management Services.

  • Provide electronic control systems from Barber Colman and Honeywell for temperature and energy control in healthcare, retail and commercial properties.
  • Specializing in multi-site retail customers.
  • Healthcare facilities, Commercial Facilities and large consumers of energy
  • National Accounts in Hotels, commercial and Retail
  • Capital investment to Expand Brandon Sales Corp. Applied computers to office functions and applied computers to electronic controls. Represented Honeywell product lines for energy controls. Packaged and Applied ASHRAE best practices for HVAC control and energy management.

Typical Generation 1 – Pneumatic Control Panel

Mechanical Systems and Controls Engineered for controllability

Laminar Flow Air Distributions and Controls

Advent/Changes in operating design to reduce infection Rates