(1991) Brandon Enters the HealthCare Practice Management Space with Nova Data Systems

Software Key Points:

  • Software Written for the Personal Computer with COBOL
  • Manged Claims submission and coding, scheduling and Revenue Management
  • Would utilize 1200 Baud Hayes Modems for electronic file transfer
  • Year-End Processing would take 30-40 hours of computer processing


  • (1990) A subscription-based – Software Practice Management Application company purchased from Dr Richard Danker a highly regarded ophthalmological surgeon and entrepreneur – in 1990.
  •  (1991) Acquired by AXIOM who handled front office operations with Brandon partnering for technology services
  •  (1993) Acquired by Brandon – Brandon recognized the fundamental change(s) that would take place with “electronic billing – EDI”.  At that time – over 90% of all claims were submitted in the industry by paper forms.
  •  Worked Extensively with NEIC as a preferred partner for electronic claims
  •  Implemented Medicare electronic claims submission as one of 3 vendors to meet CMS deadlines with live submissions Footnote 1
  •  Software Written for the Personal Computer
  •  HCFA1500 – Claims Generation
  • Revenue/Expense Management

Footnotes: This would later lead to work with CMS for the development of claims receipt bulletin board systems (BBS) using modems to transfer files for processing