(1987) – Brandon-Honeywell control

Brandon had expanded with multiple teams of Engineers trained in Computer Science, mechanical and Electrical engineering

Brandon was supporting Honeywell hardware distributors with the software and engineering components to deliver the most advance temperature and energy control systems available.

Hotels – The hotel sector quickly utilized combined Brandon/Honeywell technology to integrate to its Front Desk Software. This software provided for Electrical demand control by duty cycling and load shedding based on electrical usage. In some states, the “demand” charge portion of the electrical bill could represent 60% or more of the total bill extreme penalties for the entire year based on peak demand. For one national chain, the estimate demand savings exceeded 20 million dollars per year, providing an ROI of fewer than 2 years on the investment. 

Chain Stores – chain stores had a problem of controlling energy, comfort and assuring HVAC systems remained on-line. Centralized scheduling and control of HVAC systems became critical. In the long island area, Brandon installed systems in 3 of the largest chains in the region. Nationally installations were completed as the ROI became a compelling story.

High and mid-rise Commercial Construction with local distribution strong in the northeast, a number of large scale Pneumatic to Electric-Pneumatic systems and lighting control where implemented in the North East.