Brandon Controls – A Division of The Brandon Group

Has been engineering and installing temperature control, energy management, and building automation systems since 1981. Who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why are described below. At Brandon, we are committed to serving customers with excellence, honesty, and integrity.

The Brandon Controls team consists of electrical, mechanical and computer engineers, computer scientists, CAD draftsmen, HVAC technicians, project managers, and installing technicians. Leveraging these core strengths, we have installed hundreds of systems in schools, laboratories, hospitals and medical facilities, retail stores and shopping malls, commercial offices, industrial complexes, and high-rise towers.

Through the years, we have watched the control industry undergo many transformations and have always been at the forefront with our products, services, and designs. We have been careful to adopt mature technologies and have avoided the pitfalls of other vendors that have adopted too early.

We have installed and maintained virtually every type of control-system technology available. This includes classic electric and electronic control systems, pneumatic, centralized large scale, process control, energy management systems, and of course today’s direct digital control systems.

Brandon Controls specializes in enterprise class building management systems for HVAC control, energy management, LEED, lab and fume hood, access, security, and fire/smoke integration. Our systems generally include the following features and functions:

  • Distributed microprocessor controllers with ASHRAE temperature and energy control sequence of operations
  • High-speed primary, secondary, and tertiary communication networks with peer-to-peer communications
  • High-reach LAN, WAN, and Internet-available user interfaces (Web, handhelds, tablets, and local workstations)
  • Extensive reporting via SQL databases, data warehousing, and enterprise data strategies
  • Extensive alarming (runtime, energy, exception trending, operations, failures) with email, pager, and handheld user interfaces
  • Open protocol integrations and topologies (BACnet, LON, Modbus, etc.) across multiple vendor products
  • Enterprise services, including Web services and coordinated process management

Brandon solutions scale from small to enterprise class projects. We utilize a host of integrated technologies and components to engineer the most straightforward systems to address customer needs.

Each Brandon system is custom engineered for the project at hand. Our team performs an in-depth evaluation process beginning with the identification of the operating requirements set forth by the building engineers. Our experienced field engineers then conduct an on-site investigation and review. If necessary, further HVAC design information is obtained by consulting engineers. This information-intensive design phase distinguishes Brandon from its competitors in the industry.

In addition, we apply state-of-the-art techniques such as computer-aided drawing design, integrated customer relationship management, computerized scheduling, and inventory management to all facets of a project. And we use industry-best software technology to provide our customers with the latest in system advancements and competitive installations.

It is Brandon’s philosophy that control systems are built on experience and quality. To this end, we continually seek input from installers and building operators. Products and services that are more successful than others are used again, while other areas are modified or re-engineered for improvement. To ensure the installation of quality components, Brandon uses multiple manufacturers of equipment and chooses the strongest product lines from each.

  • Design and develop business and technical solutions that address customers’ real needs, thus providing the highest level of value to our customers
  • Approach building management systems from a comprehensive and holistic perspective that considers the needs of all stakeholders
  • Manage the business to build a corporate culture and value system reflecting our belief that future success is strongly based on our ability to continue our 25+ year reputation of excellence, honesty, and integrity.

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    Brandon Controls: Company Overview

    We seek to expand our business through mutually beneficial relationships with those who share our core values of excellence, honesty and integrity.

    Since its inception, Brandon immediately recognized the need in the HVAC industry to professionalize the delivery of automatic controls and building automation systems through mechanical and electrical engineering expertise.

    Our Mission is to be the most respected vendor providing the highest quality services of designing, installing and maintaining intelligent building systems. We seek to expand our business through mutually beneficial relationships with those who share our core values of excellence, honesty and integrity.

    We believe in transparent pricing models that reveal the total cost of ownership and on-going service designed to deliver real value.